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Herbi.org poster at the Grace Hopper 2009 conference

The Herbi.org poster at the
Grace Hopper 2009 Conference

Welcome to Herbi.org!

This web site provides free software for people interested in handwriting development and in helping people who having difficulty speaking. The handwriting development software available here is being used today by occupational therapists and teachers to help their students, and the speech assistance software has been used by people who are unable to speak.

Herbi.org is run by Guy Barker, a software developer with an interest in assistive technology software. The improvements made to the Herbi.org software are driven by the feedback sent by visitors to the web site. So if the software can be changed to be more useful to you, let Guy know.

To learn more about the software that's available, click the images below. 

Hear predictions

Have predictions shown on the Windows On-Screen keyboard spoken

Key Speaker program

Read more about Key Speaker

Click on web pages by typing

Use a regular keyboard or a switch at the On-Screen Keyboard to clicks links and buttons

Herbi Clicker showing numbers

Read more about Herbi Clicker

Can gestures help you speak?

Help me build an app which speaks for you in response to your gestures.

Herbi Gestures app

Read more about Herbi Gestures


Handwriting development

Herbi Writer program 

Install Herbi Writer

Demo video

 Herbi on the Windows Phone 7

Herbi WriteAbout on a Windows Phone 7 

Demo video 

Letter recognition

Herb iLetters program

Install Herbi Letters

Demo video

Simple arithmetic

Herbi Numbers program

Herbi Numbers 


Spelling reminders


Herbi Phones spelling reminder program 

Install Herbi Phones




Speech assistance


Speech Assistant app

Install Speech Assistant

Demo video

Herbi Web Keys

Herbi Web Keys app

An exploration into making it easier to browse the web for people who are blind and have mobility challenges.



Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock 

Install Grandfather Clock

Just a Grandfather Clock, nothing more.



3 minutes of Herbi running on 3 devices. Including a German version, an inexpensive external tablet, and a cool-looking Herbi!


A cartoon titled "Luddoubts", showing Herbi with his back to his computer. The caption reads "What you have when deciding whether to give your computer one last chance."