Herbi Writer next steps


Let me know which of these changes would be most useful to you and I'll try to get to those changes as soon as possible. I'm always improving Herbi Writer and I want to focus on the most useful changes first. If you have a request that's not listed below, let me know and I'll add it to the list of things to do.



Top of the list


Based on recent feedback, these are the next two changes I intend to make to Herbi Writer:

"The issue I'm running into is, as the student works on a letter set and has not successfully mastered, say 12/26. Unless I'm sitting with them making note of the ones they miss I would have to go to the saved report (assuming I remembered to save it) and set the game to display those letters prior to the session next weeks session. And I usually don't have time to do that for each student. Now I am using some of the beginning of their sessions to customize the game. Making a child wait anxiously to get started is not ideal."



Recent updates to Herbi Writer


The most recent change to Herbi Writer based on input from an OT was:

A demonstration of this new feature can be found at http://herbi.org/HerbiWriterDemonstrations.htm.



Potential new Herbi Writer features


Potential smaller improvements which should take less time to do


Current investigations based on feedback