Computers running Herbi Writer

Herbi Writer runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista computers. If some sort of stylus is not available for writing, Herbi Writer will not be useful in practice given that it's very difficult to write with a mouse.


Below are some pictures showing Herbi Writer running on different types of hardware. Special care is needed when considering the purchase of hardware given that the same terminology is sometimes used to refer to different things. For example, often the term "Ultra-mobile PC" is used when referring to small, mobile hardware which has no keyboard but which does support touch input, but some people use the term when referring to hardware that does not support touch input.



Classmate PC


Herbi Writer runs on convertible touch-screen Classmate PCs running Windows XP. (Not all Classmate PCs are convertible or touch-screen computers.)


Herbi Writer running on a convertible Classmate PC



Smart Boards


Herbi Writer runs on Smart Boards powered by Windows XP or Windows Vista.


Herbi Writer running on a Smart Board Herbi Writer running on a Smart Board



Tablet PCs


Herbi Writer runs on Tablet PCs running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition or Windows Vista.


Herbi Writer running on a Tablet PC



Ultra-mobile PCs


Herbi Writer runs on Ultra-mobile PCs running Windows XP or Windows Vista. Ultra-mobile PCs are less expensive than Tablet PCs, but are also less useful as general purpose computers.


Herbi Writer running on an Ultra-mobile PC




Other hardware


Herbi Writer can be used on a regular Windows PC with an external tablet input device attached, but I've received no feedback to suggest that's useful in practice. In the case of an external tablet input device, the student's concentration would be split between the input device and the computer screen, and that might be too much of a distraction.


Herbi Writer will also run on a computer with a touch screen monitor, but in practice that may not be useful if the student's hand on the screen can be misinterpreted by the computer as pen input, or if the pen bounces too easily off the screen while writing. The following picture shows Herbi Writer on a computer with a clip-on touch screen placed over the computer monitor. 


Herbi Writer running with a touch screen monitor