Privacy Policy for the Herbi Speaks app

What personal information is accessed by the app?

In order for you to associate images, music or video with the buttons shown on the boards in the Herbi Speaks app, the app has access to your user data folders such as Pictures, Music and Videos. The app only accesses those folders as part of presenting data in the app which you have selected to be presented. You can also direct the app to access other folders containing data to be presented in boards in the app.

Where is information stored by the app?

When you save the boards in the app, you specify where the Herbi Speaks file that contains the boards should be saved. By default, the file is saved in a folder called "HerbiSpeaks" beneath your Documents folder. That Herbi Speaks file contains the text and picture data which you have associated with buttons contained on the boards. If you have associated media with buttons on the boards, then that media data is not saved in the Herbi Speaks file. Instead the file contains the path to the media, in order for the app to be able to reference it when it needs to be presented on a board.

Does the app use cookies?


Does the app disclose any information to outside parties?


Third party links in Advertising

The app does not use third party links in Advertising.


Microsoft uses techniques to analyze and track apps from the Windows Store.

Date of Privacy Policy

This policy was last modified on 10th January 2018.


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