Herbi Speaks

You can use the Herbi Speaks app to have text shown on the screen, and that when the text is clicked, the computer will speak the text. You can also show pictures on the screen, and have specific text spoken when the picture is clicked. The app runs on most Windows computers.


To install Herbi Speaks, click Download Herbi Speaks.


Based on feedback from people using Herbi Speaks, a new version of the app has been built which can make it easier to see text with a related image. To learn more about this version, click Herbi Speaks new features.



A student using head movement to work with Herbi Speaks begins at 1:30 minutes in this video







The Opportunity Foundation of America (OFOA) kindly provided suggestions during the building of the Herbi Speaks app. OFOA works to help children and adults with severe physical challenges, and provides a system called EagleEyes with which eye movement can allow some interaction with a computer. With this system, the mouse cursor can be moved on the screen and a click of the left mouse button simulated.


The Herbi Speaks app was built with the EagleEyes system in mind, and is also usable with the free Camera Mouse head tracking system. The app has a fullscreen mode, where the only things shown on the screen are the text and pictures that can be clicked on with the left mouse button. The people at OFOA pointed out that showing pictures instead of text is important for those people using the app who do not read. They also pointed out that the ability to change the colours shown in the app will be useful for those people with low vision.


To learn about the Herbi Speaks Library, where you can share boards built with Herbi Speaks, click the Herbi Speaks Library.


All this input from the people at OFOA is greatly appreciated. To learn more about what the organization does, visit http://www.opportunityfoundationofamerica.org.



Watch the Herbi Speaks training video, made by the Opportunity Foundation of America:





Installing Herbi Speaks on your computer

To download Herbi Speaks, click Install Herbi Speaks. After clicking on this link, press the "Run" buttons on the first window that appears, and then click the "Next" buttons to continue the installation. Once you've clicked "Close" on the last window to appear, the installation is finished. 


You can then run Herbi Speaks app from the desktop shortcut that looks like this:


Herbi Speaks desktop shortcut


Once you've finished with Herbi Speaks, you can remove it from your computer by going to the Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs, and removing "Herbi Speaks".




If you have changes that you'd like to have made to the app, let me know at Barker@Herbi.org.  



Herbi Speaks app showing two pictures and some text    Herbi Speaks app shwoing a picture of Jasmine the dog