Herbi Reads

The Herbi Reads app for Windows can be used to have words spoken that are shown in Word 2013 or WordPad.


Demo video



Installing Herbi Reads on your computer

To download Herbi Reads, click Install Herbi Reads. After clicking on this link, press the "Run" buttons on the first window that appears, and then click the "Next" buttons to continue the installation. Once you've clicked "Close" on the last window to appear, the installation is finished. 


You can then run Herbi Reads app from the desktop shortcut that looks like this:


Herbi Reads desktop shortcut


Once you've finished with Herbi Reads, you can remove it from your computer by going to the Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs, and removing "Herbi Reads".




Using Herbi Reads


When you run the Herbi Reads app, the following windows appears. 


Herbi Reads app window



Now move back to your document in either Word 2013 or WordPad, and click the word in the document that you'd like to be spoken. Herbi Reads will then speak the word you clicked and highlight that word. The highlight will vanish shortly after the word has been spoken. Herbi Reads will ignore clicks on other words while the highlight on the previously spoken word is still visible.


You can also use the F1 key to have the selected text spoken and highlighted, as shown in the pictures below. If no text is selected when you press the F1 key, then the word near the text insertion point will be spoken.


Herbi Reads highlighting words shown in WordPad



Herbi Reads highlighting words shown in Word 2013




You can minimize the Herbi Reads app to move it out of the the way if you'd like.


Note that the Herbi Reads app will actually try to speak text from whatever app you click on, or whatever app you're working with when you press the F1 key. Herbi Reads can't find text from most apps other than WordPad and Word 2013, and if no text is found, then the app will say "I'm sorry, I can't find any text to read".


If you have changes that you'd like to see made to the app, let me know at Barker@Herbi.org.