Installing Herbi Letters on your computer


To download Herbi Letters, click Install Herbi Letters. After clicking on this link, press the "Run" buttons on the first window that appears, and then click the "Next" buttons to continue the installation. Once you've clicked "Close" on the last window to appear, the installation is finished. 


You can then run Herbi Letters program from your Start Menu or from the desktop shortcut that looks like this:


Herbi Letters desktop shortcut 



Note: When installing Herbi Letters, a message may appear saying that an update to the Windows feature called the ".NET Framework" needs to be installed first. If this message appears, you can follow the link shown with the message which takes you to a Microsoft web site from which you can install the required feature. If you have questions about which version to install, let me know at


Once you've finished with Herbi Letters program you can remove it from your computer by going to the Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs, and removing " Herbi Letters".