Herbi HocusFocus 2.0 source code


Guy Barker has made the source code publically available for the free Herbi HocusFocus app. The source code is made available on an “as is” basis as described in the disclaimer at the Herbi.org main page.



Important: The source code is not sample quality and does not demonstrate coding best practices. It is simply available to as a resource to developers to help them consider what Windows technologies they might leverage in their own assistive technology solutions.



Visual Studio solution


The source code is made available in the form of a Visual Studio 2015 project. The app uses Windows Forms to present its visuals.


The app is written in C# and uses .NET interop to call Win32 functions. The solution includes an interop DLL for the Windows UI Automation (UIA) API. That DLL was generated using the tlbimp tool, as described at Building and running a UIA sample app on Windows 10.



Potential enhancements


There are a number of changes that would be made to the source code if this app were updated to be a supported shipping product. These enhancements include:


·         Remove the use of WinEvent handling for text cursor tracking. This would be replaced to only use UIA for text cursor tracking.

·         Existing code would be moved between C# classes in the source files, to provide a more logically grouping of actions taken.


The app also has a number of known constraints, as listed at Herbi HocusFocus app.



Download the Herbi HocusFocus source code


To download the Herbi HocusFocus source code, click Download Herbi HocusFocus.