Herbi Clicker

Herbi Clicker can help you use the keyboard or an on-screen keyboard to click things that are shown in Internet Explorer when you're browsing the web on a computer running Windows 7.


Installing Herbi Clicker on your Windows 7 computer

To download Herbi Clicker, click Install Herbi Clicker. After clicking on this link, press the "Run" buttons on the first window that appears, and then click the "Next" buttons to continue the installation. Once you've clicked "Close" on the last window to appear, the installation is finished.


You can then run Herbi Clicker app from the desktop shortcut called "Herbi Clicker".


Herbi Clicker desktop shortcut


Once you've finished with Herbi Clicker app you can remove it from your computer by going to the Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs, and removing "Herbi.org Herbi Clicker".


Using Herbi Clicker 

When you run the app, this window will appear:


Herbi Clicker widow



After running the app, you'll want to go back to Internet Explorer. Whenever Herbi Clicker is running and you press the key with the ` on it near the top left corner of an English keyboard, numbers will appear on many things that can be clicked in Internet Explorer. For example, the picture below shows links, buttons and tabs which can be clicked.


Internet Explorer showing things that can be clicked



It can take a few seconds for all the numbers to appear, depending on how many things can be clicked.


If you press the ` key again, all the numbers will disappear.


If you want to click one of the things that has a number on it, type the number and then press the Escape key. When you click a link or button in this way, the numbers will automatically disappear. After you've moved to a new web page in this way, you could then have the Back button clicked in a similar way to return to the previous page. In the picture above, to click the Back button this is what you'd do:


1. Press the ` key to see all the things you can click.

2. Press the 5 key, given that the Back button has a 5 shown on it.

3. Press the Escape key to click the button.


If you start typing a number for the thing you want to click, but then change your mind, press the ` key to make all the numbers disappear.


Numbers on the Taskbar

In addition to seeing thing that you can click in Internet Explorer, numbers are also shown on the "Taskbar" which lies along the bottom of the screen.


Numbers showing on the Taskbar.



You can use Herbi Clicker to click a button on the Taskbar to start an app, and sometimes to move to an app that's already running.


Numbers in other apps

The Herbi Clicker app was built to help with browsing the web, but it could be enhanced to help with any app. It will show many things that can be clicked on in whichever app you're currently working in. For example, if I'm working in WordPad and I press the ` key, I might see the following things that can be clicked.


Numbers showing in WordPad


There are some apps which do not work with Herbi Clicker today, and so it's only recommended for use with Internet Explorer. In some other apps when you try to click something by typing its number and pressing Enter, nothing happens. In the case of WordPad, the thing you want to click might be clicked, but the flashing text cursor moves out of the typing area. This is inconvenient, as the text cursor then needs to be moved back to the typing area.


Why does Herbi Clicker use the keys it does?

You can click things with Herbi Clicker by pressing the ` key, then numbers, and then the Escape key. Herbi Clicker uses these keys to make it quick for some using the Windows 7 On-Screen Keyboard in its Scan mode to click things in a browser. In Scan mode, the On-Screen Keyboard can be controlled by a switch. So if you work at the computer by using a footswitch or head switch, Herbi Clicker can help you click things in the browser.


The picture below shows the On-Screen Keyboard in Scan mode being used to enter the number of the link in the browser to be clicked.


The On-Screen keyboard in Scan mode


The On-Screen Keyboard is being used in the picture above to click things, but a regular keyboard also works with Herbi Clicker.


What colours are used for the numbers?

The numbers shown by Herbi Clicker use the text colour and background colour from the theme selected in the Personalization Control Panel. So if you use the "High Contrast #1" theme, the text is yellow on a black background. The picture below shows the numbers shown when the High Contrast #1 theme is being used and when the Control Panel setting for showing everything at one and half times its regular size has been chosen.


Numbers shown in yellow on a black background.



Help make Herbi Clicker more useful

Today Herbi Clicker can be a helpful tool for clicking links, buttons and tabs in Internet Explorer. But there are many enhancements that can be made to it to make it more useful for you. The list below describes some potential changes. 


Using other keys

The keys used today are aimed at making it quick for someone using a switch with the On-Screen Keyboard to click things. You might prefer a different set of keys which you can press without having to move your hand far. For example, if you move only your fingers over a keyboard number pad, perhaps you might control Herbi Clicker by pressing the + key, then type the numbers at the number pad, and then press the number pad's Enter key to do the click.


Moving to fields to type

Say you use Internet Explorer to do your e-mail. Herbi Clicker can help you click around to read your e-mail. But when you write e-mail, not only do you want to click buttons but you also want to move around fields such as the To and Subject fields in order to type. Today Herbi Clicker won't help move to these fields.


Making the numbers easier to see

Often the numbers shown overlap, because the things you can click are quite small and next to each other. If it's a challenge for you to see the numbers, then there may be ways to make them easier to see.


Click things in other places than Internet Explorer

While numbers are shown on the Taskbar and in whatever app you're currently working in, today the are many situations where Herbi Clicker can't click things for you. If there are specific things that you'd like Herbi Clicker to be able to click, (for example the Start Menu or an app in Microsoft Office), it may be possible for Herbi Clicker to be enhanced to make that work.


Click more things shown in Internet Explorer

A few things that can be clicked with a mouse in Internet Explorer aren't clickable with Herbi Clicker. For example, the small red "X" button at the top right of the window for closing the window.



Send your feedback to Barker@Herbi.org to help make Herbi Clicker more useful to you!