The Herbi Grandfather Clock

To install the Herbi Grandfather Clock, click Install the Grandfather Clock.


When the start the installation, a window like this will appear:


Grandfather Clock confirm setup window


Click the "Run" button when that appears. Once you've done that, the following window will appear: 


Verify publisher window


Click the "Run" button when that appears too.


The installation will then begin, and a window will appear asking for more confirmations. Click the "Next" button each time the window asks for some information. During this, another window will probably appear, asking for final confirmation that you want to install the Grandfather Clock. Clock the "Yes" window when that appears.


Eventually, the installation windows will say "Installation Complete". Click the "Close" button then.


Having done the installation, a shortcut like this will appear on your desktop:


Grandfather Clock desktop shortcut


If you double click with the left mouse button on the shortcut, the following window will appear near the top right of your screen: 


The Herbi Grandfather Clock


You can drag the clock around the desktop, by pressing the left mouse button down somewhere on the clock face, moving the mouse around, and then releasing the mouse button.


To close the clock, press and release the right mouse button on the clock face, and then select "Close" when the following is shown:


Close menu showing on the clock