Making presentations with the 8 Way Speaker app


You may want to have a collection of paragraphs spoken as part of making a presentation or for some other form of public speaking.


How to have your paragraphs spoken




Adding a collections of paragraphs



By pressing the Windows+Z keys or by swiping from the top of the screen, a bar appears to allow you to choose a presentation. By default "No presentation" is set, such that only the grid of words and phrases appears.


Presentation selection bar at the top of the app





If you select "Presentation 1", the area on the right side of the app shows the list of paragraphs currently associated with this presentation. The presentation starts off with one sample paragraph.


Sample paragraph in Presentation 1





To change the text in this paragraph, either tap on the paragraph or press the tab key until the paragraph is selected.


Selected paragraph





Then press the Windows+Z keys or swipe from the top of the screen again. A bar will appear at the bottom of the app, and the paragraph text will be shown on the bar.


Bar shown at the bottom of the app





Type the text you want spoken, and either tap the "Change phrase" button or press the Enter key.


Bar showing new paragraph text





The new text is shown in the presentation area in the app.


Updated paragraph text





To add a new paragraph, show the bar at the bottom of the app again, and tap the Add button.


A new paragraph added to a presentation





Modify the text in the new paragraph in the same way as the text in the first paragraph was modified.


Updated text in a new paragraph





Repeat the above steps to add all the paragraphs you want.


A third paragraph in the presentation





To move a paragraph in the collection, select it, and then press the Move Up or Move Down buttons on the bar shown at the bottom of the app. For example, selecting the third paragraph in the collection shown above and using the Move Up button will move it between the other two paragraphs.


Rearranged paragraphs in a presentation





To permanently remove a paragraph that you no longer need, select it and use the Delete button shown in the bar at the bottom of the app.


Once you've added all your paragraphs, you're ready to have the paragraphs spoken.


Tip: Write all the text for your presentation in some other app, (for example Notepad or Word,) and save that text somewhere for your records. Then copy and paste each paragraph in turn into the 8 Way Speaker app.