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Classic Herbi cartoons made relevant through current affairs

Thumbnail of a classic Herbi cartoon



Herbi HocusFocus app for Windows

Make it easier to see where keyboard focus is on the screen


Herbi HocusFocus V1.2



Herbi Speaks app for Windows

Add text and pictures to boards,

and hear speech when you click them

Watch Herbi Speaks in action, (starting at 1:30 in this video)

A student using the Herbi Speaks app for Windows, using the Camera Mouse head tracking system  



Learn about the new features in Version 2.1 of the media-enabled Herbi Speaks 





Herbi Reads app

Select text and have it spoken 



Herbi WriteAbout app

Develop your handwriting skills with your Windows 8 device 


Get the Herbi WriteAbout app from the Windows Store 


NEW! Now Herbi WriteAbout can speak or play sounds

to encourage the student





8 Way Speaker app

Have words or phrases spoken by your Windows 8 device,

through touch, mouse, keyboard or other action


Get the 8 Way Speaker app from the Windows Store 



"The Kings are here!"

A short lecture on how to remember the Kings of England from 1216 to 1485 presented using the 8 Way Speaker app for Windows 8



My Way Speaker app

The 8 Way Speaker app above only uses the voices that come with Windows. The New "My Way Speaker" app runs

on most Windows computers and has been built so you can use any additional voices that you've installed on your

computer. This new app is a work in progress, and is actively being developed with feedback from people with

ALS/MND and Cerebral Palsy who are using the app. Let me know how the app can be made more useful for you.




State Your Name Please app

Have the names of states, counties and cities spoken

as you explore a map of the United States on your Windows 8.1 device


Get the State Your Name Please app from the Windows Store  






Other Herbi.org software to help with handwriting, spelling, web browsing, speaking and more!

Herbi Numbers software 




Herbi wearing a scarf

Injury prevention with Herbi - SAFETY FIRST!

Cartoons inspired by Harborview Medical Center


Wear a helmet

Wear a helmet!


Car seats are cool

Car seats are cool!


Pots are hot

Pots are hot!

Herbi looking down

Learn to swim

Learn to swim!


Wear a life jacket

Wear a life jacket!

Herbi looking up 

Don't lean on window screens

Don't lean on window screens!


Crosswalks rock! Look both ways!

Crosswalks rock! Look both ways!

Herbi looking forward


For anyone who likes spaniels, here are some cartoons about Jasmine, the English Cocker Spaniel puppy.

Cover of the book Jasmine



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