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What is Herbi.org?


Sa11ytaire for Windows 10

An experiment into how any person can play a game of solitaire,

regardless of how they interact with their computer.


The Sa11ytaire app, showing a mix of cards in the target card piles and the dealt card piles.



Herbi HocusFocus app for Windows

Make it easier to see where keyboard focus is on the screen


Herbi HocusFocus V1.2



Herbi Speaks app for Windows

Add text and pictures to boards, and hear speech when you click them

Watch Herbi Speaks in action, (starting at 1:30 in this video)

A student using the Herbi Speaks app for Windows, using the Camera Mouse head tracking system  

Herbi wearing a scarf

Injury prevention with Herbi - SAFETY FIRST!


Wear a helmet

Wear a helmet!


Car seats are cool

Car seats are cool!


Pots are hot

Pots are hot!

Herbi looking down

Learn to swim

Learn to swim!


Wear a life jacket

Wear a life jacket!

Herbi looking up 

Don't lean on window screens

Don't lean on window screens!


Crosswalks rock! Look both ways!

Crosswalks rock! Look both ways!

Herbi looking forward


Stained glass window of Herbi

Contact Herbi.org

Herbi waving