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Winter A-Team for Windows 10

An experiment into all the ways a Windows Store app can be used.

The Winter A-Team app being used with an Xbox Adaptive Controller


Xa11ytaire for Android

An experiment into playing a game of solitaire using the Talkback screen reader on Android. 

Technical details at The Xa11ytaire Experiment: End of Part 2.

The Xa11ytaire app running on a phone, with the TalkBack screen reader announcing a move being suggested in the game.


Sa11ytaire for Windows 10

An experiment into how any person can play a game of solitaire, regardless of how they interact with their Windows 10 computer. 

Technical details at The Sa11ytaire Experiment - End of Part 1.

The Sa11ytaire app running on a Surface Book, with many input devices nearby.



Please note that the apps below haven't been updated for years, but perhaps they may still be useful to you or someone you know.

Herbi HocusFocus app for Windows

Make it easier to see where keyboard focus is on the screen. 

The Herbi HocusFocus app with its configurable highlight settings.


Herbi Speaks app for Windows

Add text and pictures to boards, and hear speech when you click them.


The Herbi Speaks app showing a custom board.